Review a selection of our flooring products that will meet and exceed your surgery flooring demands

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

A popular option as this type of flooring offers great serviceability as it often has pre applied surface treatment, meaning low maintenance and no need to apply polish as part of your cleaning regime.

Commercial Safety Flooring

As with the regular vinyl products this is welded and can be coved, but offers a higher level of slip resistance, as they have particles encapsulated in the surface. With some of these products the downside can be they are harder to clean as they have a matt finish, but like with any product, the better quality ranges offer the best of both worlds with a more sealed surface.

Designer Flooring

These products are very popular in the non surgical areas such as corridors, offices waiting rooms, stairs. They offer incredible wear properties, which is why they are commonly used in very high traffic commercial areas such as restaurants and supermarkets etc. They are very easy to maintain and offer a very wide variety of different styles that will enhance the beauty and looks of your practice, along with the possibility of designer additions of borders, motifs etc and even logo incorporation into the floor.

Carpet Tiles

Although I would always first advocate a Hardflooring solution, Commercial Carpet tiles are a great option where a textile feel is desired, for maybe a softer or more homely look. They offer massive advantages over normal carpet products such as their greater suitability to heavy traffic and the ability to change tiles as localised stains or damage occurs, and the reduced sub floor preparation costs as often they can go straight onto the sub floor where it is reasonable level.

Floor Coating / Renovation

With this innovative product its possible to rejuvenate youre old flooring for less cost, inconvenience and mess. Bring youer old flooring back to life, change the colour, add design, and end up with a more durable surface than the original as this coating process adds 8-10 times the wear layer that is able to be applied when the flooring is manufactured.


Entrance Matting

Such an important part of the practice as a good quality Entrance matting solution can save you a lot of cleaning, wear on the rest of youre flooring and significant reduce the danger of trips and falls as patients enter the Practice. Thsi is most often over looked.